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Apex is a small suburb developed around a railroad station and dense forests in Raleigh, North Carolina. From inhabiting a population of 43,907 in 2014, the town grew rapidly to accommodate 50,671 by 2017. The community attracts educated professionals looking for modern homes and is now home to traders and shopping lovers.

We have also seen major shifts in community development. The trend of waterfront elements, including ponds, swimming pools, fountains, and lakes, has taken over resulting in high-value properties. While this increases the curb appeal and adds to the beauty of homes, it also poses the risk of a heavy population of mosquitoes in the summer season.Hence, Apex residents must have an effective plan in place for mosquito control.

Mosquito Elimination in Breeding Places

Adult mosquitoes are the most dangerous since they can cause a number of dangerous diseases, including Zika and West Nile Virus. The best way to eliminate them from around your home is by hiring mosquito control experts who are equipped with efficient resources and smart techniques and treatment.

Certified mosquito control experts focus on killing mosquitoes in the breeding areas near the water bodies around your home by using larvicides. This is a proactive technique to kill mosquitoes before they reach the adult age. Since adult females are also killed, eliminating the chances of them laying eggs, the mosquitoes are prevented from coming back.

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We offer two treatment options for mosquito control in Apex, NC for you to choose from.

Seasonal Service

We offer a monthly mosquito control program for Apex residents who experience hot, humid conditions from spring to fall months. Our experts will thoroughly inspect your outdoor area to identify the mosquito breeding areas. We’ll target all areas where mosquitoes rest while making sure that we don’t ruin edible vegetation and other sensitive spots.

One-Time Service

Outdoor events are always nice until a mosquito army joins in! To save yourself the trouble and embarrassment, call our mosquito control experts for a customized treatment program before any special occasion.

Working with you, your event planner, or the site, we’ll determine the best treatment time for the most effective results. It’s usually a day before your event.

Let our expert mosquito control team closely inspect the area around your home to identify any mosquito sources and come up with a plan to eliminate them!

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